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15 Free Typing Test Tool To Test Typing Speed Online

Increasing your productivity is more than planning your day and managing your time well. Certainly, it is important. But you will get better results if you type faster and more accurately. That's the way to get your to-do list and achieve more than you thought possible - or at least get things done faster and with better accuracy. But as anyone who has ever tried to grow their product can tell you, it is not easy.

Sometimes you need an effective and easy tool to help you along the way. So here are 25 highly effective typing test tools that can quickly track your way to unreasonable production levels. Check out our FREE typing test tool Typing speed test tools do just that: it helps you understand how fast and accurate your typing is right now. Some of the tools for speed typing on our list also include typing tutorial features that can help you improve your accuracy and speed.

What is WPM?

WPM is short on words per minute. These are just a few words you can type in a minute. Some typing test tools optimize your WPM for accuracy. Therefore, if you are not very accurate, your WPM will be lower than it would be if your accuracy was higher.

What Are the Benefits of a Speed ​​Typing Test or a Typing Instructor?


If you are an influential person or a marketing person, you may be wondering why you would bother with a typing speed tool or a typing teacher. First, faster typing and precision will help you quickly write those emails and blog posts so you have more time to build your business. Also, there are communication and communication benefits that work with your typing speed and accuracy.

25 Advanced Typing SpeedTest Tools (More Tutorial!)

The average person can type 38-40 WPM. But when you spend most of your time writing emails, blog posts, copying, and social media posts, typing speed and accuracy are important skills to help you grow your product. We have compiled a list of 25-speed typing tools (free and paid) that you can use to find out where your typing skills are now. You will find typing speed tools that include tutorials to help you improve your skills to do more in less time.

Price: Free is a simple online typing tutorial and free typing speed test tool. Typing speed tests include typing a short piece of text and you can test in English, Spanish, or French. provides a typing certificate that you can show us. Courses are available for free for every user in any language. It has an easy-to-use, easy-to-use interface that allows users to complete their own lessons or compete with friends. In addition to various languages, Ratatype supports various keyboard formats such as QWERTY, AZERTY, and Dvorak. Each typing lesson has up to 20 lessons with up to 25 tests each.

Price: Free is another online typing tutorial and free typing speed tool. Typing tests are offered in two different ways. You can take a 1, 3, or 5 minute time test or a 1, 2, or 3-page test. Typing Instructor offers detailed photography, computer bases and learning technologies, online functionality and security, coding basics, and much more.

3. Typing Cat

Price: $ 2.69 / month when charged annually.


Typing Cat provides online typing classes and a free typing speed tool. Typing speed test includes 1, 3, and 5 minute typing tests. There is also a typing game that you can play for free. Typing Cat provides various courses to help enhance your typing skills. There are two basic, advanced courses that will teach you to type without looking at the keys. Typing Cat also offers lessons on Grammar, which improve typing skills by repeating the most commonly used alphabetical sequences.

4. Speed ​​Typing Online

Price: Free


Speed ​​Typing Online is a free online typing tool and typing speed test tool that incorporates an easy-to-use interface and allows registered users to customize their typing tests including text available for typing and cycle lengths. Typing Instructor offers lessons on keyboard foundations.

5. TypingClub

Price: Free


TypingClub is web-based and free for both individuals and schools. There is also a voluntary form of schooling. You do not need to create an account to use TypingClub but you can create a profile to save your progress as you study. You can continue practicing each lesson until you get five stars. While TypingClub does not offer a typing speed tool that you can simply use and move forward, there are tests in all subjects. Also, you can start with a TypingClub placement test.

6.Typing Master

Price: $ 19.90 / English life license only; $ 29.90 / lifetime access to multiple languages


Typing Master is a Windows-based program that uses customized tests to minimize your typing errors and expand your WPM. With its Satellite training characteristics, you can develop your speed and efficiency when utilizing the tool. Typing Master uses continuous testing to keep track of how your typing skills are progressing. There is a free typing speed tool at another Typing Master site,

Price: Free


Keybr is a simple typing tool that includes tutorials to help you increase your typing speed and reduce errors. You can choose from seven different languages ​​and three levels of skills so you will not waste your time on very simple or very difficult subjects. Keybr has a nice web-based layout and you can use normal mode or black mode if you want something easy on the eyes. With the typing speed test, you will find a set of random words that you can type in any of the three basic subjects you choose.

8. 10FastFingers

Price: Free


10FastFingers' typing speed tool uses 200 random words and tests you in one minute. When you complete these 10 tests, you will be able to perform an advanced 1,000 word speed test. The site does not require you to create an account to access its extensive features, but you may want to sign up for an account in order to track your progress.

9. Key Hero

Price: Free


Key Hero is a simple and fast typing test tool that gives you random sentence blocks. You can choose from more than a dozen languages ​​and get a clear representation of your test results upon completion. An account is not required to use typing speed but you can save your results and track your progress when you sign up.

10. Typesy

Price: $ 29.95 for unlimited installation on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS


The most common is a downloadable typing instructor with personal, educational, and home programs, businesses, and groups. It utilizes a well-designed curriculum that functions great for adult learners. The standard models offer customized courses and users can monitor their progress, adapting the system according to their needs. There are further extra more than 16 typing games that can benefit users to improve their typing speed and efficiency. You will be able to check your typing speed as you go through the lessons.

11. KeyBlaze

Price: Free


KeyBlaze is a simple free typing tutorial that works for users at all skill levels. The software is easy to use and you can set goals before completing tests and games that will help you achieve those goals. The software can detect and record keystrokes and keywords and will provide additional exercises to help you work through those issues.

Price: Free is an online speed typing tool that also provides easy lessons for users to go through at their own speed. The typing speed test lasts for 1, 3, or 5 minutes and users can pick between random sentences, text, or words. also offers over 100 style typing games designed for adults and children so you can practice your typing skills and speed up without boredom.

13. Typing Instructor

Price: $ 29.95 / year


Typing Instructor is an online typing software that will be used by businesses, individuals, schools, and more. There are more than 20 typing lessons available with the Typing Instructor and the tests are designed to reinforce good typing skills.

14. Rapid Typing

Price: Free


Rapid Typing is a free typing software that provides online typing speed tests. Includes several lessons and games that can help you improve your locking and accuracy skills. Rapid Typing includes a virtual keyboard that shows you how to place your fingers on the keyboard and shows you how your hands should move to hit the keys correctly and quickly.

15. Animal Typing

Price: $ 14.99


Animal Typing is available for iOS and Android and requires a Bluetooth keyboard that you can use to improve your typing skills directly from your phone. Animal Typing is a fun-learning keyboarding skills way. You get an animal depending on your typing speed - the faster you type, the faster your pet will. This app offers a variety of keyboard layouts and supports many users.


This was the article about the best online free typing test tool which you can use to test your typing. Some tools were free of cost while some tools demand a premium membership to use their advanced service. Use the tool and mention your favorite tool in the comment box.

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